These graphic design trends are taking over for 2018

Responsive Logo and Icon Design

Websites aren’t alone when it comes to responsive design. With a shift to mobile, tablets, and wearable tech there’s a growing demand to create variations of a logo that allows better scalability. It allows a logo to serve it’s purpose much more effectively.

Restaurant Branding Montreal | Crank Studio

Neon Gradients

Neon gradients and neon colours are making a bold comeback. An outstanding example by photographer Mathew Guido takes neon gradients to a whole new level. It will be interesting to see how this look transforms over the rest of 2018 and if other leading designers and photographers can build on what Mathew has done here.

Improved GIFS

It’s time to step up and improve your GIF game. GIFs are a valuable asset for use as mobile ‘video’ backgrounds on websites and dekliverying quick advertising on social media. Fast loading, fun, authentic looking. GIFs are getting much better!

Illustration & Handmade

Handmade illustrations and graphics are taking a new form. Combined with bold colours and typography, brands can bring their marketing campaigns to life. Early adopters, Dropbox and MailChimp, have evolved the look and are engaging their growing audiences through this fun design language.

Dropbox Design
Dropbox Design
Mailchimp Design

Unconventional Colours

Dropbox made a bold move to rebrand and introduce a new colour palette to their symbol. While similar tactics have been used in the past it was typically for a specific campaign or a temporary placement. Dropbox has differentiated themselves by using a mix of unconventional colours as a permanent brand redesign. They have mixed the new colour approach with illustrations and handmade graphics executing a bold new look that’s gaining plenty of traction.

Dropbox rebranding