Excellent graphic design helps your brand engage with a wider audience

The world famous industrial designer Raymond Loewy had a very simple principle. It’s called MAYA. “Most advanced. Yet acceptable.” While this concept may seem simple on the surface, designers often fail to reach MAYA.

Graphic design is a volatile environment, there are many elements in play: lines, shapes, colours, size, space to name just a few. Your business proposal, articles, or business card all tell a story through graphic design.

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Bad Graphic Design Example Excellent Graphic Design Example | Good Design
A bad example of graphic design versus an excellent design. Which design communicates with clarity? Subtle details can make a huge impact.

Excellent graphic design is achieved when all visual elements fall into a harmonious composition. This engages your audience’s attention and promotes good associations to your services and products. Great design is often never even noticed; it fits so well into its environment and communicates on our subconscious level. Think of a great signage that helped you navigate a complex building. Did you notice which font was used, the size or contrast of these elements? Or did the graphics communicate so well that you used them naturally and unconsciously in the pursuit of your goal?

Clarify your message

do not get lost

in obscurity

The implementation of harmonic graphic design will help your customer, product or service; it will clarify your message and communicate it to a wider audience. You may have the best product or service in your market, but if you cannot distribute that information in a clear and effective way, you will remain lost in obscurity.

At Crank Studio we strive to be at the forefront of graphic design; we challenge the the limits of new concepts in a way that communicates with a wide audience. Whether it’s a business proposal, presentation, advertisement or business card, the right use of graphic design will enable you to communicate effectively.