People do judge a book by its cover.

What makes a logo design successful? What makes a brand so popular and acceptable that it becomes embedded into memory? Why do some typefaces or colours look attractive while others may seem harsh, unreadable or just plain awkward?

Over the years, Crank Studio has worked with countless companies and entrepreneurs by developing logo designs and branding material. We create an engaging image for your company that generates a positive emotional response within your audience as well as fruitful associations to your products and services.

Montreal Logo Design - Branding Company | Crank Studio
Montreal Logo Design - Branding Company | Crank Studio

Clarity & Simplicity

A clean logo has the ability to adapt across various advertising mediums. From a website to outdoor signage, a clean logo design will communicate with ease allowing your brand to stand out and create more impact.

Restaurant Logo Design - Branding Company | Crank Studio

We strive to understand your vision or product

A symbol, font, image and colour has the ability to strike up emotions, thoughts and feelings. Colour alone increases brand recognition by 80%. Think about Coca-Cola, and the colour red immediately pops into your mind. There are thousands if not millions of directions you could potentially take a logo design. There are thousands of fonts and endless colour options.

We strive to understand your vision or product in order to drive a brand towards it’s intended audience and to create the intended emotional response. What would you like your customers to feel when they see your brand design? Excitement, trust, happiness, intrigue? While a well executed design will generate these positive emotions, a poorly executed brand will instill feelings of doubt, confusion or apathy.

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Exploration, vision & creativity

Creating an effective logo design and branding material can seem like an overwhelming task. Thankfully, we’re able to simplify this task with our deep understanding of customer perception and our commitment to exploration, vision, and creativity.

Your guide

Crank Studio will guide you through the design process...

We provide the tools and knowledge to create a brand image that will have a positive impact with your customers.

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