An effective marketing campaign has the ability to create massive positive impact

An effective marketing campaign has the ability to create a massive positive impact for your brand and generate new customers and opportunities. The factors that drive an effective campaign are right there in front of us. So why is it that many, if not most advertising efforts fail to create a lasting impression?

Unsuccessful campaigns follow a trend. They lack simplicity and creativity. Creating valuable content that entertains and informs while being quick for an audience to digest allows for more effective and memorable communication.

Inviting graphics flowing down to main message.
Clear headline, under 5 seconds.
Secondary info and call to action.


Timing is key. In most, if not all advertising mediums, you must catch the attention of your audience within seconds. Your company may have hundreds of products and services to offer but this is not the time to delve into them. Your message otherwise becomes too complex, it doesn’t grab your audience’s attention, your message fall flat.

Keep it simple

offer a solution

make it memorable

Instead of overwhelming your audience with all the great services and products you have to offer, simply communicate how your product will help them in a creative and memorable way. Let’s consider the tagline “Redbull Gives You Wings”. Redbull’s message is simple, easy to remember, and it offers a solution: Redbull will “Give You Wings” when you’re tired.

Support your content. Once you’ve captured your message and a clear solution is in play, make sure you can support it! Adapting your campaign across various mediums will support and generate more impact. This includes the creation of websites, videos, print material, and digital marketing material to ‘brand’ your material across all marketing channels.