We build value into every web design & development project

Build value! A website is not a static environment. Users must receive new content via blogs and articles, knowledge, entertainment, product information and support. You have the opportunity to support customers and maintain brand awareness with a website that is evolving with current trends.

We create newsletters, social media, articles, guides, videos, training programs and marketing campaigns and connect them to your business platform, your 24/7 sales team, your website. With its creative content approach, Crank Studio works closely with its clients to build a unique and connected website environment.

Montreal Web Design - Website Design Company | Crank Studio
Montreal Web Development - Website Development Company | Crank Studio

Is Content Still King?

Creating useful content for your customers is always a good investment. Who doesn’t enjoy gaining more insights and experiences and being entertained with pertinent information? Yet there are thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs creating content that does not engage their market effectively. Why do some website designs flourish while others remain obscure? The differences lie in their consistency, integration and research. Most websites and content streams post at inconsistent intervals and ultimately lose the attention of their audience. However, with content research, consistency, and planning, you will sustain the attention of your audience. As comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said, “This whole idea of an attention span is, I think, a misnomer. People have an infinite attention span if you are entertaining them.”

Content Integration

Expanding your content across all mediums such as social media, email newsletters, print, video and audio will ensure that you capture a wider audience. Not everyone wants to read a newsletter, visit a website or read a blog post. Everyone takes in your content differently. If you’re not exploring all options, you’re missing opportunities and ultimately reducing the scale of your audience. Your business has value, share it with everyone.

Montreal Web Design - Website Design Company | Crank Studio

User-friendly environments are a key focus for us in all website development projects

How does a website achieve a simplistic user friendly design? The key lies in metaphors. An action is easily executed when we have an innate familiarity with it. Metaphors play an important role in design. A metaphor is defined as ‘a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, especially something abstract.

For example, a swiping hand gesture will close or clear a screen on a mobile phone, like you would ‘clear’ crumbs off of a messy table. This is an innate movement that works to clear up or transition to something else. Your website, your content, your media platform must become an innate part of your market’s attention.

A great website is…

Built and optimized for all devices

We build website that are responsive; they work well and adapt to all environments either it be on mobiles, tablets, laptops, or larger screens. A responsive design is responsible for clarity across all digital mediums.

An awesome website is…

Built and optimized for Google

We build websites for humans but we also build websites for Google. Google is reading your website so it must be written in a language that Google understands. Crank Studio can build you a website that will optimize your search ranking on Google. You can have the most creative and insightful website but If you’re not ranking on Google then you’re missing 92% of web users.

Attention is gained through value and authenticity