4 Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

Every business has the ability to produce effective digital marketing, it’s easier than you think!

With help from AI resources and a strong visual presence, it’s possible to break through the noise and reach new audiences in the digital world.

Number 1 on the list is utilizing artificial intelligence

As Elon Musk has hinted numerous times, AI will rise up and take over the world in which case digital marketing strategies won’t be much of a topic. Until that happens I still feel compelled to share thoughts on how businesses can make use of AI to assist with digital strategies. If you advertise with Google Adwords you’ll notice AI generated recommendations. AdWords campaign data and analytics can be overwhelming and some useful hints from our AI friends can help advertisers place ads more effectively. This will result in lower PPC costs and better audience engagement, a double win for small businesses looking to leverage AdWords without blowing the bank. Facebook and Google already use machine learning to help serve users more relevant ads. Be sure to check out your relevance score on digital platforms, the higher the relevance in relation to your audience the less you pay, simple as that.

Next on the list, we get up close and personal

Are you into sports? Have a celebrity role model? How awesome is it to have a behind the scene glimpse into the world of these people and organizations. Social media is giving brands the opportunity to communicate on a whole different level, one that is extremely personal and authentic. Some of the best content out there is the real time nature of your business. Moving through meetings, travelling to conferences, attending trade shows, or realizing a new product. This documentation exposes your true brand identity and allows a very deep connection with your audience. Add some warmth and authenticity to your communications with this simple tactic of documentation.

Branding for success on digital platforms

This is a digital trend to pay close attention to. Many businesses are looking to dive into digital marketing yet their visual presence is not up to par nor is it refined enough to gain results in the digital world. Great content can ensure success in your campaigns, however the right visual content will help you break through the noise and make a lasting impression. Digital marketing is a highly visual world, without a refined brand identity and a strong visual system you’re decreasing your overall effectiveness.

We’re seeing many big brands introduce illustrations, bold colours, and unique fonts as key branding elements in effort to leverage them in the digital world. Check out Santander & Dropbox. The style they have developed allows for a perfect integration into digital media. Bold, bright, fun, unique. The digital world is crowded, getting your branding visuals on point will help you cut through the noise.

Bring your written content to life

Written content will always play a role in digital marketing however time on page is falling and attention is becoming more difficult to capture. Adding beautiful imagery, interactions, video, and other rich content will help your overall user experience. Also, breaking up articles into smaller sections and utilizing slightly larger fonts play a positive role in user experience. The popular publishing platform Medium has utilized this design tactic very well with generous body copy font size and a good mix of imagery creating a great user experience.