What Makes a Logo Successful?

A successful logo design in 4 words

Clarity, Simplicity, Adaptability, Feeling

The goal is to create an engaging image for your business, product, or service that generates a positive emotional response within your audience. In other words, a kick-ass design that gets people excited to work with you or buy your product.

A symbol, font, image and colour has the ability to strike up emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Who would’ve thought humans are emotional beings and simple things like colour can effect these emotions. Colour alone increases brand recognition by 80%. A well executed logo design will generate positive emotions, a poorly executed design can instil feelings of doubt, confusion or apathy.

Let’s dive in; what makes a logo design so popular and acceptable that it becomes embedded into memory?

Clarity & Simplicity

A clean, simplistic logo design will communicate with ease allowing your brand to stand out and create more impact. One of our most important senses is sight  Our visual system is hardwired to discern the differences we see in direct relation to aesthetics. If something has perfect contrast, balance, and colour use we find it pleasing. We like it!


Clarity and simplicity will allow your logo to adapt well across various display mediums. The next step is creating scalable versions that will truly enhance your brand across every device and platform it is being displayed on. With a shift to mobile, tablets, and wearable tech there’s a growing need to create variations of a logo that allows better scalability. The end result is greater brand awareness and enhanced customer response. It shows your brand has gone the extra mile, customers feel warm and fuzzy inside.


A designer must deeply understand your vision or product in order to drive a brand towards it’s intended audience. When developing a logo design we must ask; what will the viewer feel when they come in contact with the design? Is what they feel in direct relation to what the brand stands for? The closer these two factors are aligned the more positive the response. It builds visual authenticity and trust, an asset that is highly appreciated in the marketplace.