Strategy, creativity, and execution are the keys to your digital marketing campaign

Content is still king!

Who doesn’t enjoy being entertained, informed, and inspired? Creating valuable and free digital content allows businesses to position themselves as a leading authority in an industry. If the content in good enough it will boost brand awareness and organic search engine results.

There are millions of businesses and entrepreneurs producing digital content; videos, articles, Instagram & Facebook posts, newsletters, yet only few engage their audience effectively. Some content gains traction leading to shares, likes, and engagement, while other content falls flat.

We’ve identified 3 key factors, and a couple bonus topics, that will allow you to stand out in a noisy digital world.


Do you have a game plan? Strategy is the entry point to great content. Strategy helps you define goals and find content building opportunities. What are your customers searching for on Google? What type of content will provide your audience with value? Why should anyone care about what you’re expressing? Are there knowledge gaps in your industry you can fill in? It’s time to answer the hard questions, questions many digital campaigns fail to answer upon staring which eventually leads to low engagement.

Initial strategic planning will ensure your content gains more traction in the long run.

Digital Marketing Strategy | Crank Studio


Creative is the variable to success in your digital content. If the creative work is good enough, if it delivers enough value it engages in ways we may have never thought of. Consumers will share, discuss, and contribute. Once a strategy is in place it’s up to the creative team to deliver content that engages on an emotional level.

As comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said, “This whole idea of an attention span is, I think, a misnomer. People have an infinite attention span if you are entertaining them.”

Creativity Crank Studio


This is where the rubber hits the road. A combination of good strategy and creativity with poor execution is like an F1 race car with flat tires. It looks great but gains no traction. The leading offenders of poor execution is a lack of native content and a deep understanding of user habits. Native content matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. Are you disrupting the platform you’re placing content on? Are you adding noise or value?

A deep understanding of each platform along with user habits helps deliver content that gains traction.

Digital MArketing Execution Crank Studio

Let’s use real estate as an example, brokers and developers as the digital marketers, and Instagram the platform of delivery.

Why are people on Instagram? Why are you on Instagram? To be entertained!

Yet the common theme in real estate content is to bombard users with home listings. Sale, sale, sale … sold, sold, sold. How is this of high value to Instagram users? You’re swinging for the fences, and while you may actually connect with someone looking for a new home in that moment, you’re disengaging most people with content that is not meant for the platform nor the audiences current mindset.

Real Estate Broker Instagram Post - Good Example
Native Content
Real Estate Broker Instagram Post - Bad Example
Disruptive Content

Will you add value and engage, or disrupt and bombard people with your message?

A positive shift in engagement and community growth would come from adding native content that brings value and entertainment to users. For example; you’ve listed a new home and have done your research. The home has a unique characteristic, a story, a history. You write a short story and post a stunning photo showing off the homes’ beauty and charm. Step into the users shoes — they are being entertained with a great photo and story, informed by your in-depth knowledge, and inspired to share with someone else. User interpretation shifts from common broker to passionate, knowledgeable and inspiring real estate figure.

Your community grows organically, your digital campaign has solid traction.

As a digital marketer one should be in constant pursuit of how people respond, interact, and communicate on various platforms. This will allow you to execute seamlessly and offer true value to people’s lives. We must entertain, inform, and inspire others in order to stay relevant. It takes a bit of fine tuning and practice to execute properly across the multitude of digital platforms that exist. Once you find what’s working you can repeat the steps that brought you there and look for ways to further optimize execution.

Don't be overwhelmed

Blogging, social media, ebooks, articles, newsletters, infographics — the list is endless.

Many of my clients that wish to develop their own content get overwhelmed by these options and end their content creation journey too soon. To simplify your options select a format that works in favour of your talent. For example, if writing comes naturally focus on LinkedIn articles and blogging. If you have an eye for photography take it to Instagram. Start with one and you can branch out to other mediums that best suit your business and audience. The great thing about digital content, a LinkedIn article, a blog, social media is you can track user engagement and adjust as you go.

The platform will decide where your talents lie.

Value Content

Find a medium that connects with your audience and talent and pour your creativity and knowledge into it!

When starting with one medium aim to build value content or evergreen content. This is in-depth content that remains relevant and useful over time.

You can also create mashups of the content depending on it’s depth. If you create a very rich blog post on a service you offer you can then take parts of this content and tailor it to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other outlets. These small pieces can then link back to your original value creating opportunity for users to gain deeper knowledge into your product or service.

Over time your value content can amount to a book, product manuals, a customer help centre, an ebook. The quality of your content can create new opportunities for growth and exposure you may have never thought of.